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Enabling Open Collaboration

We are building the technology that will provide the platform and tools to enable communities build organisations that are open, transparent, self-governed and co-owned by members who are able to manage shared resources whilst being able to compete with centralised organisations.

Shared Ownership

We will allow sovereign identities, entities and assets to be easily created and governed by users and communities respectively


We will ensure source code, execution models, governance decisions and financial data are open and accessible to the public.


The creation, execution and governance of resources will be administered on-chain where it cannot be censored by any authority.


Create decentralised repositories, digital currencies, software products whose ownership can be truly shared with millions of contributors and users without the permission of a central authority.

Create sovereign assets and entities.
Give contributors or users power by sharing ownership.


Create communities with democratic or custom governance models. Learn more

Decentralised Git Hosting

Decentralised hosting of git objects enable immutable, programmable, censorship-resistant and highly-available source code repositories.


Create truly decentralised source code repositories that enable communities to choose their ownership structures for the software or organisation they are developing.


Repositories will be able to use governance primitives like proposals, votes, coins, stake, reputation and autonomous functions to make rules and reach decisions transparently.

Censorship Resistant

The Ellcrys protocol ensures fundamental rights like speech via coding can be expressed without fear. Groups of individuals and organizations can build anything together and in the open.
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The Ellcrys Protocol

A hybrid protocol that leverages Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake and human work to create a platform that is fast, inclusive and resilient to attacks.

High transaction throughput
Hybrid PoW/PoS consensus
Inclusive & Fair Coin Distribution
Resistant To Forks
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Ellcrys protocol integrates both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms to create a system where miners propose blocks and PoS miners validate these blocks. Without the vote of PoS miners, a block cannot be appended to the chain. To increase transaction throughput, we are leveraging BitcoinNG's leader-based block creation mechanism which introduces faster blocks that are created in shorter intervals than slow blocks created through proof-of-work.

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Our documentation provides information about our project Read Docs


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With governance primitives like proposals, votes, coins, stake, reputation, autonomous functions and a dispute management system, collaborators can create custom governance structures that can help them achieve their goals.

Ellcrys is vendor-neutral; No opinions of governance structure.
Create DAOs, Permissionless or Public-Permissioned Governance Structures.
Import pre-designed, plug and play governance templates.
Use autonomous functions to design complex governance structures.
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Freely create, co-own projects and collaborate beyond borders. Build global organizations that offer innovative and competitive products and services to people.

True ownership of software and any digital assets.
Join people around the world to build businesses.
Freedom to create organisations with varying ideologies.
Everything is open and transparent for all to see and analyse.

Functions (a.k.a Smart contracts)

Create blockchain programs using established programming langauages. Build immutable blockchain applications for gaming, finance, governance, health and more. Autonomous functions enable communities to create custom behaviours for managing their membership, finance, decision-making process and more.

Use established languages like C++, Go, Typescript and Rust
Predictable transaction fee
Applications may be immutable or mutable
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Live Bitcoin News

SafeHold v0.1-alpha

Meet the awesome desktop app

Designed to help anyone interact with the Ellcrys network. Send and receive transactions, and mine ELL coins - All in one place

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On Ellcrys, the native coin which is known as “Ell” (plural: “Ellies”). It is denoted by the ȅ. It is an inflationary currency with an initial supply of 1,500,000,000 and mineable through our mining protocol known as: PeopleMint.

Mineable through PeopleMint
Used as medium of payment for fees and incentives.
Required for PoS staking.
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