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Ellcrys helps you start, co-own and contribute to open source software products and organizations.

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Today, open source collaboration is mostly limited to the creation and maintenance of static products that become part of dynamic services. It is time for open source to move towards services that are open, community-driven and user-first. However, the way collaborative platforms are structured makes it hard for this transition to happen. Contributors are required to trust maintainers; Most contributors have no say in the management of projects as true ownership and inclusivity is unenforced. We are building the technology that will provide the platform and tools to enable these future community-driven organisations to be self-sovereign, self-governed, offer true ownership to collaborators, manage revenue and other resources and compete with centrally governed organisations.

Shared Ownership

Enabling platforms must ensure community-owned organisations genuinely own and control their shared resources. Our blockchain technology will allow sovereign identities and entities to be easily created and governed by users and communities respectively.

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Community organisations must exist on a foundation of openness as one of the core advantages over centrally managed organisations. Ellcrys ensures source code, execution instructions, governance decisions and financial data are open and accessible to the public.

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Collaborators face threats of censorship on existing open source communities. We are building a decentralised git hosting system to provide disintermediated, unstoppable git repositories with the benefits and transparency associated with blockchain technology.

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Decentralized Ownership

Create decentralised repositories, digital currencies, software products whose ownership can be truly shared with millions of contributors and users without the permission of a central authority.

  • Create communities with democratic or custom governance models.
  • Create sovereign assets and entities.
  • Give contributors or users power by sharing ownership.
  • No intermediary. The protocol enforces ownership.

Decentralized Git Hosting

Create and contribute to decentralised git repositories that can not be censored. With git as the protocol for sending and receiving contributions , collaborators do not need to learn a new tool.

  • Repositories are immutable and undestructable.
  • Includes governance configuration tools.
  • Highly-available and censorship-resistant.
  • Create autonomous programs to manage repositories.
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Ellcrys Protocol

A hybrid consensus protocol that leverages verifiable computation and human work to achieve consensus and secure the network.

  • Hybrid PoW/PoS consensus
  • High-transaction throughput
  • Symbiotic mining protocol
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New Testnet v0.1 is live | Try it out

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Decentralized Governance

Communities can govern projects democratically or configure custom governance models suitable for them. Collaborators create proposals which are like bills used in nation states. Ellcrys network enforces proposals that target on-chain resources and have received majority approval votes. Collaborators in a community may provide custom logic for determining proposal approval threshold.

  • Proposal-based governance.
  • Democratic by default but higly customizable.
  • Programmable Governance
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Open Collaboration

Collaborate with organisations building game-changing products and services that may be community or privately governed, centralised or decentralised with openness as the shared principle.

  • Start or contribute to services executed on the blockchain.
  • Start or contribute to services executed on centralized enclaves.

  • Outsource paid tasks to skilled contributors.
  • Engage in decision-making processes.

Autonomous Functions

(a.k.a Smart Contracts)

For open source communities to move to the next stage of providing non-static services, a platform for executing arbitrary logic is needed; A platform that is capable of running programs that implement the value proposition, business and governance model of the community. Autonomous functions allow collaborators to create custom blockchain applications that perform immutable and automated actions.

  • Create decentralized applications.
  • Multi-language support (such as Javascript, Go and WebAssembly).
  • Repo-addressability allows functions to be upgraded without changing program address.

  • Used to build automated, custom governance logic.
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On Ellcrys, the native coin which is known as “Ell” (plural: “Ellies”). It is denoted by the ȅ. It is an inflationary currency with an initial supply of 1,500,000,000 and mineable through our mining protocol known as PeopleMint .

  • Mineable through PeopleMint
  • Used as medium of payment for fees and incentives.
  • Required for PoS staking.
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