Get Started With Ellcrys

If you are looking for where to start and how to interact with the
Ellcrys blockchain and ecosystem, this guide includes
information about the software and tools
you will need.

ELLD is the official CLI-based client used to connect and interact with the Ellcrys network. ELLD users will be able to join the network, mine blocks, construct transactions and access the state of the network.


Start Elld (with ephemeral key)

To start Elld (with ephemeral key):

elld start -a ""

To start Elld (with a local key):

elld start -a "" --account 0

Join the Network on startup

elld start \
  -a "" \
  -j "ellcrys:// 12D3KooWGZxHXA3P9SxyMRYecgyKggAmdviTkKKVnmUCaWU
[email protected]:9000"

Join the Network via attach mode

   "ellcrys://[email protected]:9000"
   "ellcrys://[email protected]:9000"

Start RPC Service on local client

elld start   -a ""    --rpc

Start RPC Service on remote client

elld start   -a ""    --rpc --rpc-address ""

Attach mode to a local client

elld attach

Attach mode to a remote client

elld attach    --rpc-address ""

Change loaded account

elld attach    --account "e4Tkr4AMxhPPjptDSMzX98F2BwHvQM2DKx"

Create Account

elld account create

Create Account from attach mode


Get the source

go get -u -d

cd    $GOPATH/src/

Build Docker Container:

# Build a container
make build

# Start the container
env ELLD_RPC_ENABLED= true make start

# Attach to client in the container
make attach

# Stop the container
make stop


When the node starts, an ephemeral key is used to derive the node's identity when interacting with other nodes on the network. Ephemeral keys are temporary; They are disposed of when the node stops running.

Elld will not allow CPU mining operation when the node is using an ephemeral key as the operator will lose any mining reward to the temporary address since they will have no access and control over it.

Get SafeHold

With a few clicks, create and manage accounts, send & receive transactions and use the in-built CPU-miner to mine blocks.

Create Accounts

You can create accounts for better management of your coins.

Send & Receive

Create transactions to send the native coins to any account on the network.

Mine Ell coins

Use the in-built CPU-miner to miner blocks and extend the blockchain.
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Spell - Javascript Library

The official Node.js binding for the ELLD JSON-RPC 2.0 Service. This library provides the ability to query or mutate the state of an Ellcrys node and blockchain.

Access and manage accounts.
Create, send and query transactions.
Remotely configure an ELLD node; Fetch and set configurations.
… and many more features
View on GitHub

Introducing Ellscan

The official block explorer of the Ellcrys Network. You can search and analyse transactions, blocks and accounts. It is fast and mobile-friendly.

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