Access the Network

Create & manage accounts, send & receive transactions
and mine blocks.

SafeHold provides a secure and reliable access to the Ellcrys Network

Send and receive funds easily

Send coins and share your addresses to receive fund. Conveniently track account balances, mined blocks and transactions.

In-built Miner

You don’t have to be a developer, SafeHold makes it easy for
you to join the network to mine blocks and process transactions with just a click.

Track Mining Activity

SafeHold tracks and lists the blocks you have mined.

Mining Reward

All your reward will be transfered to your default Ellcrys address.

Miner & Network Status

Inspect your hashrate, current network difficulty and height.

Get started
using SafeHold

Download the Windows desktop app to
start exploring the Ellcrys network.

SafeHold for Windows Version 0.1.0-alpha Download Now


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