Create Community-owned Software Products and services

Ellcrys let's anyone, anywhere to co-create, co-own and co-manage software products and services without relying on a central authority.

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We are building the fundamental infrastructure that allows open source developers innovate freely, openly and transparently.

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Platform Censorship

Users are increasingly threatened by the ability of service providers to censor opinions that do not resonate with their beliefs or those of their customers. Why censorship of opinions and ideas may be unquestionable in some instances, the power these services wield can and have deprived many users' their rights and means of livelihood.

Data Ownership & Privacy

Most platform on the internet allow users to use their services for free. But the catch here is that majority of these platforms sell users' data to third-party agents without clear and explicit consent of users. This practice expose users to intrusive and targetted advertising, identity theft and losses. They have no way to truly own, manage and authorize access to their data.

Single Ownership Architecture

Collaborative platforms (e.g. code-sharing platforms) only support single-owner architecture where one user, by default, is granted complete control of all resources - This kind of ownership structure and assumption is not right for communities of individuals who share little or nothing in common and have no basis for trust.

Shared Ownership

Open communities will create assets and resources that are owned by members. There needs to be a mechanism by which ownership is proved, verified and enforced in a transparent and replicable way. Additionally, collective resources need to render themselves to be administered using the governance structure setup by members.

Ellcrys Token Sale Sessions

Token Allocation

Fund Allocation

  • Technical Development - 40%
  • Security & Audits - 20%
  • Marketing Expenses - 25%
  • Legal Expenses - 10%
  • Others - 5%

Explore Ellcrys

If you are looking for where to start and how to interact with
the Ellcrys blockchain and ecosystem, this guide includes
information about the software and tools you will need.

Ellcrys CLI Client

ELLD is the official CLI-based client used to connect and interact with the Ellcrys network. ELLD usersF will be able to join the network, mine blocks, construct transactions and access the state of the network.

Get Spells

The official Node.js binding for the Elld JSON-RPC 2.0 Service! This library provides the ability to query or mutate the state and configuration an Ellcrys blockchain client. View on GitHub

Introducing Ellscan

TThe official block explorer of the Ellcrys Network. You can search for transactions and blocks in real time - even from your mobile phone View Ellscan

Alpha testnet - Inception v.0.1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of the first alpha version of the Ellcrys project. Accompanying this release is an alphanet (a test network) composed of nodes running an alpha version of the Elld client.

Download SafeHold

SafeHold — A desktop app for sending, receiving and mining transactions on our network (currently the test network). SafeHold makes accessing Ellcrys functionalities easy and straightforward.


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Explore Docs

Our documentation provides information about our project Read Docs


This houses everything you need to know about Ellcrys Visit FAQ

Company Roadmap


  • Research and development.
  • Centralized prototype development.
  • Launch of token private sale.

2018 Q1

  • Launch of Token Pre-Sale.
  • Depreciate Centralized Components.
  • Began decentralized components developments.

2018 Q4

  • Release of network client (alpha).
  • First test network (runs v0.1 of network client).
  • Launch of block explorer (
  • Launch of new website and documentations.
  • Release of mining mechanism whitepaper (PeopleMint).

2019 Q1

  • Launch of Desktop Wallet (SafeHold).
  • Release of upgrade token management platform (Ellcrys Suite).
  • Improvements to SafeHold, Elld and Ellscan.
  • Release of Spell, a Javascript library for accessing the network.
  • Release of new whitepaper.

2019 Q2

  • Launch of Pre-IEO.
  • Begin Ellcrys protocol consensus upgrade.
  • Improvements on SafeHold, ELLD and EllScan.

2019 Q3

  • Release of upgrade network client (v0.3-alpha).
  • Launch of code sharing and collaboration web application (in beta).
  • Launch of IEO.
  • Upgrade of test network to v0.3-alpha.
  • Upgrade of block explorer to v0.3-alpha.
  • Upgrade of SafeHold to v0.3-alpha.
  • Commencement of protocol and implementation audits.

2019 Q4

  • Release of upgrade network client (v1.0 beta).
  • Add collaborative features to SafeHold.
  • Release of Peoplemint complementary apps for scanning and validation.
  • Upgrade of test network to v1.0 beta.
  • Upgrade of Block explorer to v1.0 beta (incl. Repository explorer and statistics).
  • Upgrade of SafeHold to v1.0 alpha.
  • Commencement of main coin distribution via Peoplemint.

2020 Q1

  • Launch main network.
  • Host Ellcrys Summit in Lagos - Our flagship event.
  • Move SafeHold, Ellscan, Spell.js and the test network out of beta.